I get so nervous I’m shaking,

gets so I got no pride at all.

Gets so bad but I just keep coming back for more,

I guess I just get off on that… stuff.

I’m thinking about taking some time,

I’m thinking about… leaving soon.

I got some things I can’t tell anyone

I got some things I just can’t say.

They’re the kind of things no one knows about,

I just need somebody to talk… to me.

I’m thinking about leaving tomorrow,

I’m thinking about being on my own,

I think I been wasting my time,

I’m thinking about… getting out.


I’m just trying to get myself some gravity,

you’re just trying to get me to stay.

Sometimes I sit here looking down upon Los Angeles,

sometimes I’m floating… away.

[Adam Duritz, Speedway, 1999]

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